The Campaign Against the Climate: Debunking climate change denial

Al Jazeera - 17/04/2021

Myron Ebell

The shocking exposure of a million-dollar, 30-year denial campaign that undermined science and cast doubt on the dangers of climate change.

These days, one might hope that the world sees what is happening to the climate as a serious global crisis – but that is not always the case. One reason for this is a 30-year-long project by some in the oil industry, who have spent millions of dollars manipulating public opinion and perceptions of climate change.

The Campaign Against The Climate, by Danish filmmaker Mads Ellesoe, unravels the elaborate cover-up by these climate change deniers and their funders, and tries to find the truth behind the climate change theory wars – especially in the United States and Europe. Whistle-blowers, academics, communications experts and historians expose those funding this denialism and uncover their dubious studies and think-tanks, which set out to prove that climate change is just a fad.

The deception started in 1988 – but even today, some of the oil industry’s so-called “green” work belies the fact that 95 percent of its investments in new energy still go into fossil fuel extraction, further stoking global warming.

Watch the trailer, below, or watch the full documentary here.



Director: Mads Elles√łe
Original title: The Campaign Against the Climate
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