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A selection of media links useful for those wanting to know more about climate change
Climate models can’t explain 2023’s huge heat anomaly — we could be in uncharted territory

25/03/2024: Online

Taking into account all known factors, the planet warmed 0.2 °C more last year than climate scientists expected. More and better data are urgently needed.

Source: Nature


Boris Johnson's pledge to end forest destruction ignores 25m trees Britain is burning for biomass

05/11/2021: Newspaper

Britain will continue to produce electricity from burning the equivalent of more than 25 million trees a year - despite Boris Johnson's pledge to end the destruction of forests.

Source: The Telegraph


2019 has been a year of climate disaster. Yet still our leaders procrastinate

20/12/2019: Newspaper

2019 may go down in history as Year Zero of the climate apocalypse. The tsunami of extreme events has been so relentless that each is quickly forgotten in favour of its successor.

Source: The Guardian


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